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Medical Health Supplies for Herbal Medicines Used to Treat Asthma


Asthma nowadays has become so prevalent. It is attacking massive population across the whole world. Many people in the ancient times and also in the recent past used to think that asthma has no cure or else it has no remedies. By saying this, I do not intend to mean that asthma has gotten a cure, but I mean currently some researchers have come up with positive results pertaining asthma as a disease and its control. There are several herbs products which have been researched and found helpful in being used for asthma remedies. Several herbs have been incorporated in the extensive research, and I will share some of the information here with you. Learn more about fermented cod liver oil here!


There is natural and a herbal asthma remedy which has been studied and has shown some positive results. This natural herb is an excellent drug which contains anti-inflammatory agents hence exhibiting those abilities in the research. Due to this capacity, the herb and its contents have been shown to have a positive effect against bronchitis and laryngitis. As we all know that, the two are inflammations along the breathing system channel which cause restriction of the air passage down and up the windpipe. Also, these herbal products have also helped a lot in the coughing and fever in the asthmatic patients. It acts to lower down the body temperatures through acting on the heat center of the body located in the hypothalamus in the head.  Once the scientists have identified all these advantages of this herb, they have extracted the resin of the herb and formulated it to come with two formulations which are cream and a pill. In most parts of the Asians countries, the pills and the cream are being used as prescription drugs and a patient is supposed to take only four hundred and fifty milligrams in a day. Know more about the blue dragon herbs here!


There is another second herbal drug which is available in most of the medical supplies dealing with asthmatic cases. This comes in a powder formulation and is also very useful in asthmatic conditions. This product is extracted from the gum trees. In most medical supply stores, you will also find the same drug in a capsule form. From the extensive research done for quite a several years, this herbal medicinal product has shown some excellent results in the cases of asthmatic patients. Doctors in most parts where the product is available are also prescribing it to their patients. Read more facts about health supplement at https://www.britannica.com/topic/physical-activity.